Jungle Safari

The genuine safari in the island of Koh Samui! The only one to go over 4 mountain peaks.

One day snorkeling trip

Beautiful snorkling trips around Koh Tao, Koh Nangyuan and Anhthong National Marine Park.

Red Baron Yacht

Discover Samui's diverse shoreline, from the tourist areas of the north, to the undeveloped southern and western shores onboard of a beautiful yacht.

Jet Ski Safari

Jet Ski Safari is one of the most popular activities. All our customers who experienced safari come back with a very big smile.

FIshing Trip

Fishing trip in Koh Samui

Zipline Adventure

We are professional zip line in Thailand.


The Jetpack give you amazing experience with 30 minutes which includes 10 minutes training by our instructor


 "Атлантис Сиам Тревел" приветствует Вас !

Остров Самуи в Таиланде-райский уголок, тихая семейная гавань.Он идеально подходит как для романтического отпуска, так и для семейного отдыха. Бирюзовое море, белоснежный песок,райская природа и ласковое солнце. Остров Самуи стал туристическим направлением относительно недавно, именно поэтому природа здесь сохранилась в своём первозданном виде. Кокосовые пальмы лениво тянутся к изумрудного цвета воде и многочиленные пляжи в большенстве своём абсолютно безлюдны. 

Однажды приехав на этот остров-влюбляешься в него навсегда. Так получилось и с нами. Приехав на остров в 2012 году, мы больше с ним не расставались. Наша семейная компания является официальным туристическим агенством с 2016 года. Мы рады предлжить Вам услуги по органицации вашего отдыха на острове Самуи.

Любые экскурсионные программы, планирование Вашего отдыха, аренда домов и вилл, помощь в размещении и аренда транспорта. Мы с радостью поделимся с Вами своим опытом и знаниями об этом острове.

Если Вы прилетели на остров внервые или же возвращаетесь сюда снова и снова, если у Вас есть вопросы об обучении и развлечениях для Ваших детей на острове, если Вы хотите забронировать экскурсию, дом или машину-мы Вам поможем!




(для звонков с местной сим-карты)

Мы с радостью ответим на все Ваши вопросы.

Experience boutique yacht sailing in Koh Samui

yaht baidee

Boutique yacht sailing

Boutique Yachting welcomes you aboard the Naga and the Baidee as we cruise around Koh Samui’s stunning coastline, stopping off at various beautiful locations along the way.

Enjoy a private charter or day tour as the yachts will allow you to view these islands from a different angle and take in the breathtaking scenery from the sea.

Within the Gulf of Thailand, there are five islands nestled closely together, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Matsum and Koh Tan. Closeby, we also have the famous Angthong National Marine Park.
Each island is marked with its own distinct beauty and offerings of unique terrain, beaches and attractions. Individually, they will inspire your, intrigue, and desire to explore all that the Gulf of Thailand has to offer.

Awesome One Day Snorkeling Trip in Koh Samui!

Snorkeling Trips

The trips make use of modern, high speed boats, meeting international standards, for comfortable and safe passage to and from your destinations. With upto 3 engines (250hp 4 stroke), our boats are capable of travel between 40-50 knots under the control of our experienced captains and crew.

Our certified guides will assist you to enjoy your day whether it be snorkeling, kayaking or taking a hike to breathtaking viewpoints for some of the most idyllic views in the world or should you just wish to forget about the world and enjoy your time spent relaxing on the beach.

Trip 1: Koh Nangyuan is a perfect place to unwind from the vigours of traveling. It is a unique place, three “Virgin Islands” connected by a white stretch of beach and fringed by reefs. It is breathtaking and a joy to experience. There is no traffic and hustle and bustle. Koh Nangyuan is tranquil and peaceful.

Trip 2: Angthong National Marine Park are a chain of forty-two islands in the waters near Koh Samui. Day trips to these islands can be arranged from Koh Samui. These tours are available every day of the week and you can select which of the islands you wish to explore.

Jet Ski Safari

Jet Ski Safari

The Jet Ski Safari is one of our most popular activities. All our customers who experienced the safari come back with a very big smile.

The safari is 3 hours long and takes you on tour of 7 different islands: Koh Tan, Koh Mudum and the Five islands. Follow our guide equipped with water and soft drinks, where you can safely store all your bellongings. The safari Includes:

Experienced guide + Snorkel equipment + Soft drinks + Life Jackets + Full insurance for you and the jet ski

The Jet ski Safary is twice a day: 10:30 in the morning and 2:30 in the afternoon. It is best book in advance due to the safari's popularity.

Experience Jungle Safari adventure in Koh Samui

Jungle Safari

Your Full Day Jungle Safari Tour is fun, action, cultural and non stop excitement.

The beach is still there in the afternoon. On your Half Day Jungle Safari Tour we will take you to the best hotspots on Koh Samui.

Swim and relax at Namuang waterfall. Glide through the jungle on a zip line and slide down the fabulous jungle water slide. No animals included. perfect for those who are uncomfortable with animal captivity.

Our most popular Safari! Discover carefully hidden cultural sanctuaries, learn some of the traditional professions and go wild under the waterfalls.

Relax and go fishing in the crystal clear water on the south side of Koh Samui. Plentiful marine life and secluded islands with white sand beaches!

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